Corporate Design
“We believe in clarity of good design – inspired by a thorough understanding of your commercial goals.”

In business, a strong identity, that communicates clear messages, really matters – the fortunes of a company can be transformed on the strength of its corporate design.

Whether you require a single logo, a full corporate identity or a re-brand, we can design it, adapt it to fit all your company requirements and provide clear design guidelines to ensure its ongoing integrity.

“It’s important to have things to pick up, that feel good when you do.”

Despite living in a world dominated by screens, tablets and phones, we love printed matter. We really appreciate its look, feel, even smell, and believe that actually holding something in your hand, really engaging with it as you turn the pages, is something that will never go out of fashion.

A poor quality print job can ruin fantastic design; and vice versa. Working with some of the best printers, we’ll make sure this never happens; overseeing all your requirements – from flyers to annual reports, letterheads to packaging, full colour books to billboards.

“You need a lot of editorial nous to be a good publishing designer.”

After twenty years of working with some of the UK’s top publishing houses, designing books and magazines is another of our core skills.

We’re specialists in typesetting, designing and producing page layouts, organising editorial content, even working across languages and continents. Furthermore, one of our great passions is illustration and the creation of beautiful maps.

Cartographers of the modern age: with a mouse, not a quill.

“We aim to make your life as easy as possible and have our creative solutions exceed your expectations.”

Kirsty & Darren Bennett
DKB Creative